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The “Uelzechdall-Gemengen” include:
Walferdange, Mersch, Lintgen, Steinsel, Lorentzweiler.


Luxembourgish courses
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Registration only from the age of 18!


  • 180 euros for 60 heures
  • 90 euros for 30 heures
  • or: 10 euros (when presenting a voucher)

To acquire Luxembourgish nationality: 102 euros (only if 20 years of residence in Luxembourg)

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Important note:
Grand Ducal Regulation of 23 April 2013 on registration fees.
The registration fee is non-refundable, unless the course cannot be organised as planned or if, on the initiative of the teacher in charge of the course, the learner changes to a course with a lower fee.
The reduced registration fee is non-refundable! A change of course is only accepted during the first 2-3 sessions!

Registration only from the age of 18!


Almeida Kevin 33 01 44 – 207
Almeida Kevin
Cours de langues
Wiot Christiane 33 01 44 - 217
Wiot Christiane
responsable de l'enseignement fondamental