Birth/marriage certificates
  • Where can I get a birth or marriage certificate?

  • If you were born in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, you can a copy of your birth certificate from your commune of birth. If you were married in a commune in Luxembourg, you can get your marriage certificate from this commune. If you are a Luxembourg citizen born abroad, or if you got married abroad, you can ask to have your birth or marriage certificate transcribed with your commune of residence in Luxembourg.  

Building/Building permits/Gardens
  • How long does it take to get a building permit?

  • You should plan on 3 months maximum if the file is complete.

  • How many copies need to be made of a building permit application?

  • The request needs to be filed in two copies.

  • Do the blueprints for a building permit need to be signed?

  • Blueprints must be signed by the person and by the architect filing the request.

  • Do I need a building permit for a small construction or for outdoor landscaping?

  • You need a building permit for any construction and for any outdoor landscaping.

  • Who does the building permit need to be sent to?

  • To the Burgomaster of the Commune of Walferdange.

  • When does the next building commission take place?

  • Only individual construction projects (PAP) and constructions whose adaptation to the immediately surrounding neighborhood is not evident are subject to the building commission.

  • What is the distance to be respected for planting trees, shrubs, hedges, etc.?

  • According to the Law of 29 July 1993, Article 671/672: “It is not allowed to have trees, shrubs or bushes whose height surpasses two meters within a distance of two meters from the line separating the two properties…”

  • Are there forms to request a building permit on the website?

  • Toutes demandes d’autorisation de bâtir doit être envoyées par voie postale.

Certified Copies
  • Where can I get certified true copies?

  • To get certified true copies, you need to contact the Biergercenter with the original documents. Copies will be made by us.

Chèque Service (Service Vouchers)
  • How to I enroll my child for school lunches?

  • With your “Service voucher” card (Chèque Service), go to the Transition Center located at 104, route de Luxembourg L-7241 BERELDANGE Tel : 33 15 84 50

  • What documents are needed for the service voucher card (chèque service )?

    • Tax statement (certificate of filing taxes) or
    • A certificate stating that the applicants do not have to file taxes (tel: 40 800-1) WITH the last 3 proofs of monthly income of the applicant(s).
    • The child’s registration number
    • The child’s birth order among his siblings issued by the National Treasury of Family Assistance

  • What do I do in the event of a death?

  • Deaths must be reported to the commune of the location of the death within twenty-four hours following the death. The declarant must have the medical certificate observing the death and the family booklet, or by default, documents proving the civil status of the deceased (birth certificate, marriage certificate). In our town, opening hours are also on Saturdays and holidays from 10:00am-12:00pm. To contact the person responsible, the declarant is asked to call 691 509 694.

Dog owners
  • What do I do if I own a dog?

  • All dogs must be reported to the Biergercenter. To do this, you need to provide a certificate issued by an authorized veterinary in the GD of Luxembourg certifying the identification of the breed or type and the electronic identification of the dog as well as its current rabies vaccination and a certificate proving that an insurance contract has been taken out with an insurance company authorized in the GD of Luxembourg covering the civil liability of the dog owner for damages caused to third parties by the animal. Attention: the name of the dog owner on the veterinary certificate and the proof of insurance must be the same. For any additional information, please see the Law of 9 May 2008 pertaining to dogs.

Identity card/Passport
Moving/Changing address
Parental authorization
  • Where can I get parental authorization and in what cases is it needed?

  • All minors who travel abroad without being accompanied by their parents must have parental authorization in addition to valid ID. The person having parental custody (father, mother or guardian) needs to contact the Biergercenter with their ID or passport. They must sign an authorization form valid for the duration of the trip. This signatures must be done before the agent.

Property tax
  • Even though my building was sold during the year, do I owe property tax for the full year?

  • Yes, because property tax is owed depending on the owner on 1 January of that year.

  • How do I change the address for property tax?

  • Changes in address need to be reported immediately to: Administration des Contributions Directes – Service des Evaluations Immobilières 5 rue de Hollerich, Boîte postale 2354, L-1023 Luxembourg Telephone: +352 40 800 – 1 / Fax: + 352 40 800 5855

  • How can I change the property taxpayer name?

  • All transfers of property of a building, whether by a sale, inheritance or another reason, shall lead to a change in the level of the person(s) or corporation(s) that owe property tax and will be mentioned as owners. In general, these changes are done by the Taxpayer Administration based on notarized deeds. Still, if you believe that according to the notarized deeds, modifications of the taxpayer name is still needed, you need to contact the Taxpayer Administration, Real Estate Appraisal Serve (SEVI) and indicate the file number mentioned in the property tax statement, which always begins with 057 for properties located within the limits of the Commune of Walferdange.

  • Who owed property tax?

  • All owners of constructed or non-construction buildings owe property tax.

Residential parking
  • What do I do to get a parking pass for residential parking and what department do I contact?

  • You need to contact the Biergercenter to get a parking pass for residential parking along with the registration for the vehicle the pass is for.

  • What is the maximum number of parking passes for residential parking per household?

  • One household may have up to 3 passes. Passes are free.

Social Aid
  • How can I get social (financial) aid?

  • You must visit the Social Office of your commune and bring in the documents necessary for your request.

  • Do I have priority access rights to a retirement home?

  • As an inhabitant of the Commune of Walferdange, or if one of your children lives in our town, you have a priority right for certain homes. Please contact Social Services for further information (tel: 33 01 44 224).

  • Do I have to go through a social assistant to make a request for admission into a retirement or nursing home?

  • No, this isn’t necessary. Social assistants can guide and advise you if you wish.

  • Do I have to go through a social assistant to file a request for RMG (minimum guaranteed income)?

  • No, not necessarily. You can go directly through the National Solidarity Fund, mornings starting at 8:30-11:30 am, 8-10, rue de la Fonderie in Luxembourg-Gare

  • Will I get assistance automatically?

  • No, a social investigation will be conducted to identify your need.

  • Does the town have a living expenses disbursement?

  • Yes, relevant requests are published in the Walfer Buet in September/October for the current year and must be filed with the Social Office just after their publication, i.e. before mid-October of the current year. Do not confuse the living expense disbursements with the National Solidary Fund which can be filed from January to 30 September of the current year. Relevant forms can be requested from the NSF directly or from the town or Social Services. Requests are to be filed with the National Solidarity Fund.

  • Will the Social Office help me find a new place to live?

  • No, but you can get advice and guidance.

  • Can you find me a job?

  • No, but you can get advice and guidance.

  • What’s the different between the living expenses disbursement and the heating disbursement?

  • In the past, the living expenses disbursement was called a heating disbursement, or winter subsidy or even “Gromperegeld” in Luxembourgish. Terminology may vary from one town to the next.

  • Am I entitled to social housing?

  • The Commune of Walferdange does not currently have any social housing project.

Tax file
Walfy Flexibus Walferdange
  • Where does the “Walferdange” (Walfy) Flexibus operate ?

  • The Walfy-Flexibus serves the whole commune of Walferdange: Bereldange, Helmsange and Walferdange.

  • How much does a journey on the Walfy-Flexibus cost ?

  • A one way ticket costs 2 EUROS. The multi-card, at 20 EUROS, and valid for 11 journeys, gives one journey free. Children under the age of six years, accompanied by an adult, travel free. On presentation of a valid RGTR (public transport network) ticket, the fare for a Flexibus journey is just 1 EURO (each way).

  • When does the Walfy-Flexibus operate ?

  • The Walfy-Flexibus runs from Monday to Friday from 7.00am until 7.00pm and on Saturday from 9.00am until 7.oopm.    To book the Flexibus, call free on (+352) 8002 20 20.

  • What is the hardness of the drinking water in the Commune of Walferdange?

  • In the entire communal network, water from the Sebes (Syndicate of Water from the Esch-sur-Sûre Dam) is distributed. It is rather soft water (German degrees: between 4-6 doal; French degrees: between 7-9 dofr.). In general, you do not need to soften the water distributed in the Commune of Walferdange.