The origins of the town go back to the age of the Celts and the Romans, as proven by the name of main locations and several archaeological sites. Throughout the Frankish period and the Dark Ages, the three locations of Bereldange, Helmsange and Walferdange were formed, which currently make up for the town of Walferdange. Up to the French Revolution, these three locations formed three fiefdoms. From a political point of view, they first belonged to the “landmairie” and then to the town of Steinsel.

Along with two other locations, Bereldange and Helmsange, Walferdange became an autonomous parish in 1843 and an autonomous commune in 1850. From 1850 to 1879, Walferdange was the residence of Prince Henry of the Netherlands, lieutenant to his brother William III, King of the Netherlands and Grand Duke of Luxembourg. From 1946 to 1966, Walferdange was a garrison of the Luxembourg army.