23, route de Diekirch

The Biergercenter is located in the old Post Office building (Rond-point des Roses).

Opening hours

Monday through Friday
from 08:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Tuesdays until 6:45 p.m. After 5 pm, only current cases are processed (e.g. certificates, passports, identity cards, parking passes).

Attention: On Tuesdays after 5 pm, arrival and departure declarations as well as registration certificates will not be processed.

Main duties:

  • Change of address
  • Identity cards
  • Registration certificates
  • Passports
  • Certified copies
  • Notarization of signatures
  • Electoral lists
  • Service vouchers
  • Miscellaneous certificates
  • Hygiene services: bins, containers
  • Residential parking passes
  • Dog licenses
  • Water billing and trash can

Biergercenter staff

Mrs Christiane Seyler (employee) Tel.: 33 01 44 226
Mrs Fabienne Weiten Tel.: 33 01 44  256
Mr   Yves Muller Tel.: 33 01 44  225
Mrs Danielle Ginter (morning) Tel.: 33 01 44  259
Mrs Françoise Gallinaro Tel.: 33 01 44  241
Ms. Tânia Vieira Da Silva (afternoon)
Tel.: 33 01 44 324 (Facturation EO)

Email: population@walfer.lu
Fax: 33 01 44 240

Administrative procedures

Change of address

All Luxembourg citizens or foreigners with legal residence status who have just established their residence in the commune must report to the Biegercenter within 8 days of their arrival for registration.
All residents who will transfer their residence to another country must make this declaration at the latest the day before their departure.
For more information, go to

Identity card

Luxembourg nationals aged 15 and over who have their usual place of residence in a Luxembourg commune must carry an ID card.

Applying for a Luxembourg identity card

Miscellaneous certificates

Documents to be provided:
You must appear in person with your identity card or passport to collect the certificate.

Certified true copies

Certified true copes are issued by the Biergercenter in exchange of payment of €2 in tax per copy. Originals shall be copied by Biergercenter staff.

Water and waste removal billing

3 ‘Water/Waste’ bills are issued throughout one year for every customer. For the first billing period (January through April) and the third billing period in one year (September through December), bills are based on an estimation of the consumption of water of the previous year. The actual count is issued during the second billing period (May through August), during which your water meters are read

You must have Adobe Reader or compatible software to be able to use forms in PDF format. Click the link to download Adobe Reader for free.

Full tax payment – coordinate text (PDF – 121KB)

Contact for water and waste removal billing:

Ms. Tânia Vieira Da Silva Tel: 33 01 44 – 324
Ms. Danielle Ginter (morning) Tel: 33 01 44 – 259

email: facturation.eo@walfer.lu

Dog licenses

New dog

All dogs must be registered at the Biergercenter. The following documents are required:

  • Veterinary certificate stating the breed and proof of vaccination against the rabies virus.
  • Proof of liability insurance for any damages that could be caused by the dog.

The Biergercenter will provide the owner with a receipt as proof of registration.


The name on the veterinary certificate and the certificate from the insurance must be the same.



If the owner is moving, the address on the receipt must be changed at the Biergercenter.

The owner will get a new receipt with the new address.


New owner

If the dog changes owner, the following documents are required:

  • The receipt of the previous owner
  • Proof of liability insurance for any damages that could be caused by the dog.


All owners must pay a dog tax. The amount of the tax is 25 € per dog.

If the animal dies, it must be reported to the Biergercenter, otherwise the dog tax will continue to be



If the dog is considered dangerous please contact the Biergercenter for further informations.

Legislation pertaining to dogs (Law of 9 May 2008 pertaining to dogs)

Law of 12 November 2011 amending the Law of 9 May 2008 pertaining to dogs