Current composition:

Sauber François Courte-Wolde Medhin Henoké lsap
Feidt Michel Altmann-Frideres Josée dp
Van Acker Danielle greng Schanck Laurent dp
Eiden-Renckens Marie-Anne Donnersbach Alex

Wiot Nicolas

dp Schmit-Streff Edmée
Weins Alain dp Thill Jessie greng
Gallinaro Elisabeth dp

The Town Council is elected by inhabitants of the town for a term of six years.

Elections take place following the system of proportional representation, i.e. the councillors are elected by ballot with assignment of seats to the various lists proportionate to the number of votes they receive.

The next elections will take place in 2023. The number of Town Council members depends on the number of inhabitants (13 councillors as of 1 January 2000).

The main attributions of the town council :

 -Voting on the budget and the accounts,

 -Setting of rates and charges,

 -Approval of construction and urban planning projects,

 -Appointment, resignation or dismissal of officials and employees.